Music, Music, Music!

Almost as good as seein’ em live: The Steam Donkeys’ recorded music is listed below. Click on the underlined titles for CD info, song lists and a few musical treats.

Buffalo, NYLittle Honky TonksCosmic AmericanaSongs From a Stolen Guitar
Other: Songs on Various Compilations
Buffalo, NY(2003-04)

Song List:
You’re Gonna Hurt • A Woman Like You • Can’t Stay Here With Me • She’s Joking • If You Lose An Angel • Ain’t That The Way • Believe You Me • Phantom Of The Opry • Twelve Steppin’ • Carryin’ Your Baby • That Sweet Old Feeling

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Little Honky Tonks(1998)

Song List:
Little Honky Tonks • Hollywood Stars • Pity Party • Bird-Headed Woman (Pts. 1 & 3) • Hannah • Waltz Through the Rubbish • Northern Border Town • Let Me Tell You a Secret • Lonesome for Someone • Dashboard Mary • April Fool for You • Wild Cherry • With a Friend Like You • Pothead • Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Listen to a little bit of Little Honky Tonks (click here)
or Pothead (click here).

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Cosmic Americana(1994, re-released 1998)

Song List:
I’m the One You Love • The Only One Who Cares • Silly Clown • Can’t Find a Place to Stay • When the Big One Hits • The Other Side of Town • Just a Dream • What You Been Spreadin’ Around • Grandpa’s Thunderbird • Jesus On The Cross • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is • Treat You Like a Childplus bonus tracks

Listen to a little bit of Treat You Like a Child (click here)

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Songs From a Stolen Guitar (Five-song EP, 1992)– out of print
Song List:
Butterfly • We Always Knew It • Doghouse • Sky High Hopes • Jesus on the 90

Songs on Compilations:

Bubbapalooza, Vol. 1 (1996 anthology)
Donkeys’ “Can’t Find a Place to Stay” only contribution by a Yankee band.

That Christmas CD (1992)
features Steam Donkeys’ “Christmas Travelers.”