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Americanarama the Beautiful

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Americanarama no. 8 June 18 & 19th, 2004
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First conceived in 1997 as a way for a bunch of friends to get together and spend a Sunday afternoon swilling a few beers, eating a little barbecue and making some music in the parking lot of a now-defunct bar on Elmwood Avenue, Americanarama has grown into a festival as unique as its name.

Hosted by your good pals The Steam Donkeys and The Mohawk Place, the annual event's rapid growth forced a shift in venues in 2000 and leaves City Hall with no choice but to shut down East Mohawk Street for the day. Local stalwarts like the Irving Klaws and Redheaded Stepchild traditionally share the stage with an array of out-of-town acts spanning the musical spectrum from purified bluegrass to raucous punkabilly.

Plans are being finalized for this year's extravaganza, with both the outdoor stage and The Mohawk Place's expanded concert hall going full-bore all day. As always, the evening reaches a crescendo on the outdoor stage with the Steam Donkeys and fellow Buffalo favorites Scott Carpenter and the Real McCoys before the hootenanny moves back inside the Mohawk Place for plenty of wee-hours revelry.

Check back regularly for more Americanarama details as the big days get closer. This year's lineup figures to be better than ever. And as always, there will be plenty of barbecue and beer.

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